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Allow us to introduce our newest addition: the yoga ball chair! If you are looking for a break from walking on your treadmill and want something to engage your core while sitting,  this is just what you need! It engages your core while sitting and it won't damage your treadmill as those rolling chairs do.

Whether you use our yoga ball office chair all day or go back and forth from walking on your treadmill desk, it makes the perfect addition to any workstation. 

The yoga ball is a stylish, fun, and comfortable accessory that has many functions. The soft fabric makes it comfortable to sit on and prevents slipping while you perform exercises like stretching or other fitness activities. The yoga ball chair doesn’t just tone your muscles, it makes strengthening your core comfortable and productive!

Stay active, even when you are sitting, with this perfect alternative to an office chair.

Lifespan Fitness’s yoga ball office chair is ideal for achieving a more productive workday. It comes with everything you need!

High Quality Wool Felt Cover

High quality wool felt cover


  • Easy to put on and take off to clean
  • Adds warmth into the room and fit into most interior design


Handle on the Lifespan Fitness Yoga Ball

LifeSpan Logo Stitching on the handle


  • Our Yoga Ball comes with an attached handle that allows for easy transportation, whether its in a different room, or up the stairs! This handle makes moving your Yoga Ball easy!


The chair is customizable, being just the right firmness or softness



  • Use the inflator to pump it to your preferred comfort level. Want it a bit softer? Simply deflate it a little.


  • Gross Weight 7 lbs
  • Dimensions 25.5"
  • Max. User Weight 400 lbs.


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