Tru Grit Round Elite TPU Dumbbell Weights - BERD1

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Weight: 5LB
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With the help of these Round Elite TPU Dumbbell Weights, you may upgrade your home gym training center. TPU Dumbbell Weights is built around a robust steel core that will not bend or break. TPU heads are resistant to repeated impact and have a circular form that is comfortable for flies and curls. Round Elite TPU Dumbbell range in weight from 5 to 100 pounds in five-pound increments.

Solid steel is sturdy, dependable, and will not bend or break under normal conditions. TPU is a popular material in the automobile sector because of its flexibility, strength, and abrasion resistance. TPU heads are noise-reducing and gentle on your floors and other equipment. These dumbbells are built to last since the core is solidly soldered to the handle.

Welded 360 degree steel core to handle
Solid steel core for reliable strength; will not bend or break after repeated use
TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane Heads - Not Rubber
Available in weight increments from 5lb to 100lb

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