Tru Grit Olympic Hex Weight Trap Bar - BRTR1000

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Crafted for customers lifting heavy we wanted to provide a large collar area to allow for mulitiple bumper plates or steel plates. Enjoy a 16" surface area for loading your weight stack.


Enjoy two tier handles options to mix up your workout. Great for Deadlift, Shoulder Shrugs, Shoulder Press, and much more. The Hex Trap Bar is fantastic for customers seeking a better solution for deadlifts who may not have mobility.


Designed in the USA to ensure longevity, rigidity and reliability. Crafted from industrial grade steel and Mig welded for added strength we ensure the Hex bar is the last trap bar that you will ever need.


Tru Grit Hex Bar is made of fully solid heavy-duty steel (not hollow) with more than 700lbs weight capacity. Designed for repeated use and long-lasting. Whether you are doing strength training in the garage or the gym owner, they can meet your needs. These Hexagonal Barbells offer two different handles to suit the way you need to exercise. They combine a knurled handle to allow you to isolate the muscle groups you need when lifting weights.

The Weight Hex Trap Bar was invented by a competitive lifter in the '80s as a way to continue training despite lower back pain. This Olympic Hex Bar is great for anyone who wants to deadlift but has limited hip mobility or lower back issues. You can also use this Hex Trap barbell when performing moves like shrugs, squats, bent-over rows, or even overhead movements as part of your strength training routine. It's made of industrial-grade steel with custom knurling for a solid grip.

Bar dimensions 89”L x 29” W x 10”
Bar Weight 55 LBS
Custom knurling for improved grip
32MM Diameter barbell
Standard 50MM Center Diameter For Olympic or Bumper Plates
Industrial steel construction
Great for deadlifts, shoulder shrugs and much more

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