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Select from 7 different Medicine Ball weight increments, sizes range from 8LB through 20LB. Each Medicine WallBall features a 14" diameter ball with scuff-resistant vinyl construction.


Our Medballs are hand crafted featuring a precision nylon thread seam construction with a scuff-resistant coated-vinyl shell for ultimate durability. We ensure that all seams are double stitched, with an added top stitch to the heavy Medball range of 14LB to 20LBs


Medicine ball training is a key component to improve your core strength, increase your endurance, and aid in explosiveness strength. Medballs can be utilized for anything ranging from wall ball throws, partner medball toss, Russian Twists, squats, trunk twists, slams and much more.


Fitness Medicine Ball has scuff-resistant vinyl with durable double stitching that keeps it in optimal condition no matter how many times it hits the floor. Just the right amount of filling means it keeps its shape and is very forgiving when you catch it at high speed. It's available in seven different weights, from 8lb up to 30lb. Whether you're doing a benchmark workout or core work with a partner, this Games Medball helps you get the most out of high-speed gym training.

Select from 11 different wallball weight increments that range from 4LB up to 30LB. Each Medicine Wall Ball by Tru Grit features the same 14" diameter with scuff-resistant vinyl construction for consistency every time. Each ball is stuffed with the proper amount of filling to help the WallBall keep its shape over time, yet forgiving for athletes to safely stop or catch the ball at high speed.

As a new leader in the category, Tru Grit Workout Ball goes above and beyond the call of duty with reinforced construction, double-stitched nylon threading, which is built to last indoor or outdoor in a wide variety of workout applications. From the gym to your personal workout space, we have created a diverse line of fitness equipment for every skill level. Whether you need an exercise ball, battle rope, squat rack, or Olympic bar, Tru Grit Fitness provides top of the line workout equipment to fit all of your home gym needs.

7 Different Weight Sizes 8LB-20LB
14" Medicine Ball Diameter
Great for Wallball and Core Workouts

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