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Built to last and withstand even the toughest strength training days. Industrial grade 3"x3"X0.125 steel provides a stable foundation that is unmatched.


Tru Grit Fitness JHooks are constructed with purpose to ensure that you are safe each and every lift. Industry first in class 1" diameter center pin that is welded 360 degrees through the JHook. Industrial grade Delrin protects the barbell from damage under load or while in use.


Constructed from industrial grade steel and powered coated black. Leverage the Tru Grit 3x3 Power Rack pull up bar for kipping pull ups, bar muscle ups, toes to bar, and much more.


With this 3x3 power rack, you can make the most of your home gym or garage gym area. The Flat Foot Power Rack is sturdy and durable due to the high-quality steel construction, and it is stable due to the lateral support beams. Its tiny footprint allows for plenty of kipping pull-ups and bar muscle-ups. Standard features of this free standing power rack include a pair of our J-Hooks with a 1" diameter center pin, spot safety bars, 3"x3"x 0.125" steel uprights, 2"x3" steel bases, and lateral support beams. With a footprint of about 48" x 49" and a 30" inner depth, this is a small footprint.

To withstand severe use, Flat Dynamic Rack is made of high-grade steel. Compact enough to save space while still providing a full range of motion for any movement. Support beams to aid in the construction of a robust, stable building. Upgrade your very own home gym and start setting new personal records and objectives right away with True Grit power racks.

Uprights 3x3" High-quality industrial steel
0.125 Diameter Steel
Height 93"
Footprint 49" Wide x 48" Deep
Inside Depth 30"
What's included (1) Set of J-Hooks
4 Uprights
3 Lateral Beams
1 Pull Up Bar
2 Lateral Foot Beams
All The Necessary Hardware To Construct Your Gym

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