Tru Grit Clamp Barbell Collars Pair - COLL1000

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Working weight can be changed quickly due to its ease of use. When changing the working weight, you no longer have to waste time fiddling with bulky spring collars. Training sessions will be a lot more enjoyable. When working with weights, safety is paramount! Clamp Barbell Collars were designed to survive extreme conditions. The cam clamp ensures the bar is in place. You'll gain a lot more confidence and have a lot more enjoyable training sessions.

These tough barbell collars can take everything you throw at them, including overhead drops. The nuances, such as quick-release tabs that allow for rapid weight changes, set them apart. They have ridged rubber foot pads that grip the barbell sleeve and are manufactured of sturdy nylon. Standard barbells, Olympic weightlifting bars, and a variety of specialty bars are also used.

Sold in pairs(2)
Durable nylon construction
Fits 2" barbells and Olympic weightlifting bars

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