Tru Grit Battle Weighted Training Rope - BTTL1000

Tru GritSKU: BTTL1001

Weight: 33LB (40')
In stock

Our Battle Rope provides a full-body exercise that builds muscle, burns fat, and improves endurance. This battle rope is made of enduring industrial fibers that are covered with a smooth Terylene® sleeve. The nylon straps at either end make it comfy to grip. This Weighted Rope operates simultaneously on your upper, core, and lower body.

This Weighted Training Rope can be utilized in a range of workouts to enhance core1 strength and overall conditioning. Forged from the world of MMA battle rope has achieved popularity in cross-functional training communities, global gyms, high school training rooms, and home gyms around the globe. This Training Rope improves core strength and opens a whole new realm of full-body training at home or in a gym community. 

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