LifeSpan TR1000-Power Treadmill Desk - TR1000B-DT7

LifeSpan FitnessSKU: TR1000DT7C-38B

Desktop Color: Powdercoat Black
Desktop Width: 38"
Frame Color: Charcoal
In stock

Burn calories, decrease stress levels and reduce low-back pain all while multitasking with this LifeSpan TR1000 Power (DT7) walking treadmill desk. The one-touch height adjustment helps meet your individual needs as well as those of other office workers or conference room attendees who might be using it too! With a 27 5/8" - 50.7" range for placement on top (perfect if you have different sized people in the group), setting up is simple enough even without any previous experience at all.

  • Adjustable Height From 27.5" to 50.5"
  • Desktop Width Options Ranging From 38" to 60"
  • Custom Frame and Desktop Color Options
  • Whisper-Quiet 2.25 HP Motor
  • Supports Up to 350 lbs.
  • Compact, Space-Saving Treadmill Dimensions
  • Patent-Pending Internal Cable Routing
  • Easy-Access Power Cord Location

Multitask With The TR1000 Power Treadmill Desk!


  • Adjustable Height From 27.5” to 50.5”
  • Desktop Width Options Ranging From 38” to 60”
  • Custom Frame and Desktop Color Options


Whether you have limited office space or need plenty of room for office supplies, the four desk sizes let you customize your desk around your office needs, making it perfect for shared settings or individual use. New sit-to-stand dimensions now make it possible for placement of a bosu ball or stool on the treadmill, or with purchase of the 6-foot desk, placement of a chair on either side of the treadmill creating a sit-to-stand workstation.

Designed For The Office


  • Whisper-Quiet 2.25 HP Motor
  • Compact, Space-Saving Treadmill Dimensions


This luxurious TR1000 Power treadmill desk is the perfect addition to any workspace. With its refined, contemporary design and lasting construction you can be sure that this high-quality piece will last through years of use without wearing down or showing any signs of wear! The treadmill desks’ quiet operation won’t interfere with important phone conversations while still providing an ample amount of physical balance for all members in your team so they do not feel left out when it comes time to start working again after lunch break has ended.

Internal Cable Management


  • Patent-Pending Internal Cable Routing
  • Easy-Access Power Cord Location
  • Clean, Clutter-Free Presentation


Gone are the days of power cords everywhere! LifeSpan desks have an industry-exclusive internal cable management system which guides your desk’s cord down to floor, promoting safety and polished aesthetics.

Legacy of Innovations


  • Integrated Step Counting
  • Intelli-Guard™ Safety Technology
  • Customize Personal Settings to Work With Your Environment


If you want to be more productive, healthier and stay safe on your journey then LifeSpan technologies are what’s for you. Their technology is devoted towards making this process easier! Onboard Intelli-Step detects each footstep taken keeping users aware of their daily step count while integrated safety features ensure that only when they’re walking will the treadmill operate as well which supports a safer work environment.


  • Power Source Requires a 115V NEMA 5-15 Non GFI Circuit (Please do not plug into a GFI outlet or circuit as it may trip the breaker.)
  • Belt Size 20” W x 45" L
  • Drive Motor 2.25 HP High Torque Continuous Duty DC
  • Belt Type 2-Ply
  • Speed 0.4 - 4.0 MPH
  • Deck Suspension 6 Independent Compression Shocks
  • Deck 3/4" Phenolic with Brace
  • Transport 2 front-mounted transport wheels
  • Side Rails

    Belt: 4.6"
    Side Rails: 5.25"

  • Dimensions

    Assembled: 58” D x 38”/48"/60" W
    Desktop: 29"" D x 38"/48"/60" W

  • Step-Up Height

    Belt: 4.6"
    Side Rails: 5.25"


  • Product Weight 245 lbs
  • Max. User Weight 350 lbs
  • Safety Certifications FCC and CE Certified

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