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The PT10 has a reverse function to help rehab users in training. The PT10 motor can save up to 40% energy consumption compared to traditional treadmills and 98% of the materials used in the PT10 are recyclable.

  • treadmill with side handles for rehabilitation purposes and commercial use
  • massive construction with durable finish
  • easy and intuitive control
  • initial speed of about 0.3 km/h for elderly or for the patients rehabilitation
  • large safety button to instantly turn off the treadmill in an emergency
  • built-in heart rate sensors in the handles
  • wireless signal receiver from the chest belt (heart rate measuring without holding HR sensors in the handles)
  • soft non-slip grips along the entire length of the action area
  • 8-point suspension of the running area for maximum shock and vibration absorption
  • running area with extreme resistance
  • cylinders with large self-lubricating bearings to provide maximum quietness
  • 3 preset modes of inclination: ASCEND, RISE and LEVEL
  • electronically adjustable angle of incline: from 0 to 15%
  • speed of the running area: 0.3 – 24 km/h (suitable for slow walking in the rehabilitation of patients)
  • side safety steps with non-slip surface
  • multi-point suspension of the running area for maximum shock absorption
  • fan with 2 intensities and control of the direction
  • 8 displays with a clear display of all the training values
  • 3 preset speed modes: WALK, JOG and RUNNING
  • values displayed: time, distance, speed, heart rate, calories and inclination
  • dimensions when assembled: 2108 x 1005 mm
  • maximum load: 400 lbs
  • dimension of the running area: 1500 x 560 mm
  • powerful engine: 4 HP (peak 7 HP) ECO- AC (up to 40% more efficient operation)
  • treadmill is suitable for rehabilitation purposes and versatile commercial use
  • CLASSIC – preset training modes
  • HRC – training adapted to the desired heart rate
  • MANUAL – manual setting of training values
  • GOAL – 2 functions: (set time of training, in which I want to burn a set number of calories or pass a set distance)
  • TRAINING – special training modes (Custom 1 , 2, 3, greking, USB connection)
  • REVERSE – reverse treadmill operation

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