SportsArt T673 Prime Senza Treadmill-16" - T673-16

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SportsArt’s SENZA™ Prime line exemplifies design, quality, and reliability. The sleek angles and practical features combine with a state-of-the-art motor to produce an engaging and energy saving workout that users can feel good about. The T673-16″ treadmill features a robust 4.0 HP motor, enhanced cushioning system, toggle controls, and a premium technology and entertainment console that actively engages users.

  • 16-inch SENZA™ touchscreen
  • ECO-GLIDE™ auto-lubrication system
  • ECO-DRIVE™ energy efficient motor
  • MyFlex+ omni-directional cushioning system
  • 4.0 HP AC Motor
  • Multi Language Support
  • USB charger port
  • Contact and telemetry heart rate receivers

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