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The compact and versatile RX1500 DRAGON combines multiple machines in one for unparalleled workout variety! Take advantage of both horizontal and vertical configurations for a complete, functional, total-body workout. Get the most out of this multi-functional station by simultaneously engaging 2 users. Both drums can be adjusted independently (up and down) at 9 different positions for optimal gains that transfer to almost any sport or activity. Our unique design eliminates all moving parts and assures consistent and reliable performance.

friction head


Adjust resistance by looping the rope around 5 equally spaced pins to achieve a wide range of resistance up to 200lbs. Available in 2 station configuration.



Adjust drum position along the stainless steel post for upper pull downs, middle drags or bottom pull-ups.

hand made rope


GET A GRIP on our durable and pliable, polyester-weaved rope. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors.

ada compliant


Standard ADA compliant dual platform for ease of accessibility and stability. The frame can be repositioned as needed or stowed away for storage.


• Single or Dual Drum multi-functional rope trainer
• Zero-maintenance design with no moving components
• Upper and lower body machine
• Independently adjustable Drum positions
• Stainless steel vertical posts

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