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Ask any fitness professional what exercise is the best for developing explosive lower body power and the answer is always the same: the Squat. The Squat is the ultimate exercise for building mass and strength in the thighs, glutes, calves, and lower back. This Leverage Squat / Calf Raise Machine is engineered to eliminate the risks of this essential exercise while enhancing the benefits and increasing the effectiveness.

Go heavy! Perform squats with 300, 500, 800 pounds and more! The Leverage Squat Machine is the strongest machine in its class and can handle the heaviest loads with ease. This machine is built for those who want it all...power, mass, and performance!

Olympic style plates only. Weight plates optional.

  • Heavy-gauge diamond plate foot platform is set to a perfect 20° pitch for optimal development of the quadriceps and glutes.
  • Innovative calf raise block is round instead of square, eliminating the painful edge and providing a deep pre-stretch for maximum calf-blasting workouts.
  • Heavy-duty mainframe is comprised of extra-large 3"x 3" high tensile strength 12-gauge steel with all-4-side welded construction.
  • Exclusive DuraFirm™ shoulder and back pads are extra-thick and specifically contoured to conform to your shoulders.
  • Spring-loaded lockouts handle is positioned within reach for user safety.
  • Ideal for home and commercial use.
  • Calf squat- Carraige weight is 35lbs

Assembled Weight:   170lb / 77.11kg    
Assembled Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    62.00in / 1,574.80mm 47.00in / 1,193.80mm 56.00in/1,422.40mm
Package Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    59.65in / 1,515.11mm 2.32in / 58.93mm 10.83in / 275.08mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    0.87 ft3 / 0.02 m3 111.80lb / 50.71kg  
Package 2 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    27.95in / 709.93mm 27.17in / 690.12mm 4.33in / 109.98mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    1.90 ft3 / 0.05 m3 67.40lb / 30.57kg

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