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The Body-Solid Pro Clubline SBBR100 Fixed Weight Barbell Rack provides convenient and easy-access storage for up to 10 fixed-weight barbells, including Body-Solid Tools’ SBB Straight Barbells and SBZ EZ-Curl Barbells.      The welded j-cup style bar holders feature a heavy composite lining to protect the bar’s finish.      The SBBR100 is built to accommodate all fixed-weight barbells as well as barbells with at least 34” between weight heads and is perfect for facilities that want to keep their free weight areas clean and organized. 
  • Easy access storage for up to 10 Fixed-Weight Barbells
  • Composite lining protects bar finish

Assembled Weight:   139lb / 63.05kg    
Assembled Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    40.00in / 1,016.00mm 37.00in / 939.80mm 62.00in/1,574.80mm
Package Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    66.70in / 1,694.18mm 44.30in / 1,125.22mm 9.10in / 231.14mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    15.56 ft3 / 0.44 m3 64.30lb / 29.17kg  
Package 2 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    32.30in / 820.42mm 7.10in / 180.34mm 4.70in / 119.38mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    0.62 ft3 / 0.02 m3 13.20lb / 5.99kg

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