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  • Multi-Press Station: Three stations in one with fully adjustable pads for all size users and full range of motion exercise. Structurally and biomechanically designed for maximum chest, back and shoulder concentration.
  • Leg Press/ Calf Press Station: Unique two bar linkage self-aligns the angle of the leg press plate to the user' s body eliminating ankle torsion and ensuring proper biomechanics throughout the full range of motion for all size users. Includes pillow block and sealed ball bearings for precision alignment and friction free movement. 2:1 ratio converts the 210 lb. weight stack into 420 Lbs. of resistance. Features adjustable back pad with two position press plate for complete leg and calf development.
  • Perfect Pec Station: Dual overhead cams with six increment settings per arm provide variable starting positions and allow fine-tuning for accurate prestretch with optimal biomechanical movement. It's a two function station that ensures maximum development of pectoral and rear deltoid muscles.
  • Lat Pulldown / High Pulley Station: Ideal for increasing size, strength and endurance of your back, shoulder and triceps muscles. Unique easy-access hold down rollers fit all size users with no need for adjustment.
  • Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley Station: Create a lean and muscular waist with absolute isolation of your abdominal and oblique muscles. Unique design also allows the highest degree of comfort when doing triceps extension movements.
  • Leg Extension/ Leg Curl Station: This cam-driven leg developer will help you work your quads and your hamstrings while developing incredible knee strength in precise biomechanical form.
  • Seated Row / Low Pulley Station: Essential for well-developed backs, seated row exercises build depth in the middle back and train the hard to reach lower lats. Low pulley swivels smoothly and fully to provide accurate resistance for cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, leg adduction and much more.
  • Dual 210 Lb. Alloy Steel Weight Stacks: Two weight stacks that employ stateof- the-art nylon bushings for super smooth and quiet operation.
  • DuraFirm™ Pads:Durable, tear-resistant, fully supported DuraFirm"! pads are double stitched and sewn. These high density, top grade pads provide a LIFETIME of support and comfort and will not bottom out or wear out .. . GUARANTEED !
  • Weight Stack Shrouds: Two full length, solid steel shrouds entirely encompass each weight stack for enhanced appearance and improved safety.
  • User Capacity: 2
  • Dimensions: 83"H x 91"L x 73"W
  • Weight Stack: (2) 210 Lbs.
  • Chest Press: Multi-Press Station
  • High Pulley: yes
  • Low Pulley: yes
  • Leg Extension: yes
  • Leg Curl: yes
  • Ab Crunch: yes
  • Pec Fly: Perfect Pec
  • Leg Press: included
  • Dips: optional #VKR30
  • DuraFirm Pads: yes
  • Weight Stack Shrouds: yes
  • Includes: Lat Bar, Low Row Bar, Utility Strap and Workout Poster and Workout DV

Assembled Weight:   947lb / 429.56kg    
Assembled Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    90.00in / 2,286.00mm 82.00in / 2,082.80mm 83.00in/2,108.20mm
Package Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    77.80in / 1,976.12mm 17.91in / 454.91mm 6.46in / 164.08mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    5.21 ft3 / 0.15 m3 87.80lb / 39.83kg  
Package 2 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    35.79in / 909.07mm 40.67in / 1,033.02mm 6.58in / 167.13mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    5.54 ft3 / 0.16 m3 115.50lb / 52.39kg  
Package 3 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    54.88in / 1,393.95mm 10.75in / 273.05mm 10.75in / 273.05mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    3.67 ft3 / 0.10 m3 80.30lb / 36.42kg  
Package 4 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    25.28in / 642.11mm 19.33in / 490.98mm 9.41in / 239.01mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    2.66 ft3 / 0.08 m3 93.50lb / 42.41kg  
Package 5 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    61.42in / 1,560.07mm 17.05in / 433.07mm 8.94in / 227.08mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    5.42 ft3 / 0.15 m3 103.40lb / 46.90kg  
Package 6 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    41.14in / 1,044.96mm 17.28in / 438.91mm 8.11in / 205.99mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    3.34 ft3 / 0.09 m3 32.10lb / 14.56kg  
Package 7 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    78.03in / 1,981.96mm 10.04in / 255.02mm 6.93in / 176.02mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    3.14 ft3 / 0.09 m3 77.00lb / 34.93kg

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