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Lay Down, Relax, and Feel Amazing.
We’re here to help you feel your best. Invigorate your health, with a peaceful mind, knowing that 1Love has your back. When it comes to your Sauna, we don’t want you to worry about hazardous materials and electrical fields. We use the best construction practices to bring you the safest Sauna.

Experience the benefits of two therapies in one: Sauna, and Far Infrared.


  1. Live a Longer Life
  2. Improve Cardiovascular Health
  3. Lower Inflammation
  4. Improve Brain Health
  5. Stimulate Your Immune System
  6. Detoxify
  7. Relieve and Reduce Pain
  8. Reduce Stress and Fatigue
  9. Promote Skin Health
  10. Burn Calories

 360 Degree, Full Coverage Far Infrared Therapy

• Powerful Far Infrared surrounds your body for uniformly deep absorption
• Perfectly tuned to resonate with your body’s natural frequency
• Intense sauna immersion when you want to raise your core body temperature

In a 1Love Sauna Dome, Far Infrared Rays are inches from your body, providing uniform therapy
In a 'walk-in/sit down' sauna room, distance to infrared is not consistent - you can be several feet or more away
Relaxing in a Far Infrared Sauna Dome:  Lay down in any position you choose and fully relax.
 Focused Far Infrared Rays are inches from your body, providing uniform therapy for the deepest absorption.
 Laying Down is the most beneficial way to Sauna. The cardiovascular system is relieved from the demands of gravity and internal body responses are maximized toward self-healing and relaxation.
 Your body can fully relax for maximum benefit from the Far Infrared Therapy
 Smaller interior area allows for faster preheating and more efficient use.

Keep your head outside: Most people will feel much more comfortable when their heads can stay cool. Having your head out is the optimal way to get the most benefits, with the least discomfort. You may choose to heat your head as well, if you are under 6' tall.

Mat / Domes Material Environmentally friendly, solvent-free PU vegan ‘leather’ ~high heat resistance, high durability. Compatible with Ozone Therapy. Full One Year Full Warranty/Limited Lifetime Warranty
Carbon Fiber Far Infrared with Zero EMF Technology ZERO EMF Technology does not mean that the entire sauna is Zero EMF. There are occasional spikes in the healthy range, but we are very impressed with the safe EMF levels of 1Love Sauna Domes.
Overall Average EMF = 0.15 mG

FITS MOST BODY TYPES Slender >> 58” Recommended Body Circumference (including arms)
If unsure, have someone help you measure around the widest part of your body and make sure to include your arms.
Height: 6' 6" or less for full coverage
1Love Sauna Domes are built for portability and storage. The sections slide together and will easily fit in a closet upright.
When placed upright, the mat and Pro Control Box store inside the small dome. The small dome then ‘nests’ inside the larger dome for compact storage.

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