More Info:

How to redeem your 6-Month Free Subscription:

  1. You will receive a redeemable code for the 6-month free subscription 24-48 business hours after purchasing participating OVICX products.
  2. OVICX will email you the customer with the redeemable code which you can redeem on the OVICX app.


How to connect your OVICX product to your smart device:

  1. Search for and Download the OVICX app [Available on IOS and Android]
  2. Within the app create a user account.
  3. Connect your OVICX product by clicking the "+" [Find it in the upper right corner on the homepage]
  4. Make sure your OVICX product is turned on and keep your smart device near the product.
  5. Select your product once shown on the app - You are now connected!


How to activate your 6-Month Free Membership to the OVICX On-Demand Workout Classes:

  1. Within the OVICX app [Available on IOS and Android] go to Profile and click "Membership Tab".
  2. Click on the round icon located in the upper righthand corner.
  3. Enter your 6-Month Free Redeemable Code in the "Promo Code" box.
  4. Go to the classes tab and select category [Cycling/Running/Cardio/Yoga] + desired class.

For questions around enrollment, please email